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Chinese Style Refreshments--Fried Dates Paste-Filled Tarts

Ingredients: 650g flour, 200g glutinous rice powder, 150g red dates, rice gruel, white sugar, oil, done lard


  1. Pit and mince the red dates. Mix with sugar and done lard to make a filling. Mix flour, glutinous rice powder and rice gruel to make dough. Knead well and roll into thin circles. Add the filling to the center of the pieces and seal them. Press them flat.
  2. Heat the pan and add some oil in it. Put the tarts in the pan one by one. Add some water and cover the pan. Cook till the tarts done and no water left. Turn the tarts over and fry till the both sides are golden. Remove and serve.

Recommended restaurant:Hui Heng Xin Ya Restaurant

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