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Chinese Style Refreshments--Fried Seafood-Filled Flour Lotus Root

Ingredients: fresh sea clam, dried scallops£¨dried shrimp, squid, dried mushrooms (bailinggu)£¨flour, potato flour, beef tallow, lard, salt, gourmet powder, chicken powder, gravy


  1. Knife the materials above in big grains and saut®¶ in oil till done. Add the seasonings and make a paste. It will be used as a filling. Add beef tallow, lard and potato flour in the flour to mix them well. Spread the mixture in a flat-bottomed basin and put it a refrigerator. After 1 hour, take the sheet out. Mix the flour and lard and spread in the flat-bottomed basin. Freeze for about 1 hour in the refrigerator and take the sheet out.
  2. Overlap the two sheets 3 times and make diagonal cuts on them. Roll it into a thin sheet with a rolling pole. Knife into cubic pieces and add in the filling. Pinch the edges to make it like a lotus root. Tie with sea sedge ties on both ends. Fry in oil of 180o till golden. Remove and serve.

Recommended restaurant:Tang Gong Seafood Dishes Restaurant

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