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Pork Dishes--Meatballs Stuffed With Crab Ovum

Ingredients: 600g streaky pork (lean pork: fatty pork 4:6), 12 small cabbage hearts, 100g crab ovum, 100g short ribs, salt, gourmet powder, water chestnut powder, ginger, chives, rice wine


  1. Remove the bones and skins off the streaky pork, mince the fatty pork and lean pork into grains respectively, mix them up and chop to make it sticky.
  2. Add rice wine, salt, the juice of chives and ginger, crabmeat and gourmet powder to the above minced pork. stir to mix up. Shape 4 equal-sized meatballs and stuff them with crab ovum.
  3. Cut the short ribs into small pieces. After scalding them in boiling water, braise them in a casserole with rice wine, chives, ginger and water to a boil over high heat. Put the meatballs in and bring to a boil, then stew them for about 2 hours with the casserole covered. Place 3 cabbage hearts between each two meatballs and simmer for a moment. Remove and serve.

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