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Famous dishes in Shanghai

Pork Dishes--Roast Suckling Pig

Ingredients: 3,500g suckling pig, 250g flour, thin wheat cakes, scallions, cucumber, seafood sauce, Zhuhou sauce, Ok juice, white sugar, bright red Zhejiang vinegar, white vinegar, maltose, rosolio, starch, oil, salt


  1. Knife open the abdomen of the suckling pig, remove the intestines, make a gash from its abdomen and chop open backbone with the back skin complete. Remove the shanks and surface its inside with salt. Keep the inside open with wooden sticks and support the suckling pig with a stay fork.
  2. Clean the scarfskin of the pig with boiling water and dry off. Mix the bright red Zhejiang vinegar, white, vinegar, maltose, rosolio and starch well and brush the pigskin with the liquid mixture. Dry off. Roast the pig in a duck roaster till done. Place it in a pig roaster and roast till it looks golden.
  3. Remove the wooden sticks and place the pig in a serving dish. Remove the pigskin, knife it into rectangular pieces and place them in the dish in order. Get ready a dish of thin wheat cakes, a dish of scallions, a dish of cucumber slices, a dish of special seasoning and a dish of white sugar.

Recommended restaurant:Xin Hong Qiao Club

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