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Famous dishes in Shanghai

Others--Sweet-and-Sour Fried Vegetarian Yellow Croaker

Ingredients: 1 bean curd sheet, 200g minced potato, 50g dried mushrooms (xianggu), 50g bamboo shoots, 50g mushrooms, 10g green pepper, 10g pine nut, 10g carrot, oil, refined salt, sugar, potato sauce, vinegar, chili sauce, water chestnut powder


  1. Stir the cooked minced potato with the seasonings to mix them up. Knife dried mushrooms in the shape of fishtail and fish gills. Saut¨¦ the bamboo shoot shreds, mushroom shreds and dried mushroom shreds to be seasoned. They will be used to stuff the fish. Spread half of the minced potato on the bean curd sheet in the shape of a fish and stuff the fish with shreds saut¨¦ed above. Cover the stuff with the other half of the minced potato and make it look like a yellow croaker. Decorate with the fishtail, fish gills and fish eyes. A vegetarian yellow croaker is done.
  2. Fry the vegetarian yellow croaker in hot oil till golden. Drain off oil and put in a serving dish. Leave little oil in the wok and stir-fry potato sauce in it. Add the seasonings and the shreds of green pepper, carrot and pine nut to make sweet-and-sour gravy. Make a paste with water chestnut powder and pour it on the vegetable yellow croaker.

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