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Fish & Seafood Dishes--Braised Fish Tripe with Three Delicacies

Ingredients: 250g oil-frying-expanded dried fish tripe, 50g shrimp meat, 50g cooked chicken breast meat, ham, oil, refined salt, gourmet powder, pepper, chive ties, ginger, stock, water chestnut powder


  1. Add some alkali starch in the fish tripe and put it in boiling water to be tender and soft. Clean it and drain off water. Knife it into quadrate pieces. Slice chicken breast and ham. Coat the shrimp meat with seasoning paste.
  2. Put the wok on a strong fire and leave little oil in it. Put in chive ties, ginger shreds. Add some stock. After it is done, take out chives and ginger shreds. Put in the fish tripe. Add ham slices, chicken slices and seasonings. When it is seasoned, put in shrimp meat and gourmet powder. Make a thin paste and pour on some done oil. Put in a serving dish. Put chicken slices, ham slices and shrimp meat on it and serve.

Recommended restaurant:Cang Lang Ting Restaurant

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