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Fish & Seafood Dishes--Steamed Bean Curd Stuffed with Saut¨¦ed Crabmeat

Ingredients: 5 boxes of bean curd, 75g crabmeat, corianders, ham slices, salt, gourmet powder, stock, watered water chestnut powder, pepper, Shaoxing wine, ginger shreds


  1. Saut¨¦ crab meat with some ginger shreds, little stock, salt and gourmet powder. Make a paste and set aside.
  2. Slice one box of bean curd into 4 pieces. Remove the top layers. They will be used as the covers. Have a diamond-shaped hole on each piece. Put saut¨¦ed crabmeat in the holes and cover with the top layers. Put them in 2 bowls with 2 bean curd pieces in each. In the same way, make 10 pieces in 5 bowls. Steam for 3 minutes. Remove the water appeared in the bowls.
  3. Put stock, salt, gourmet powder, pepper, watered water chestnut powder and make a thin paste. Pour it in the bowls. Place coriander leafs and some ham slices on bean curd pieces and serve.

Recommended restaurant:Jian Guo Hotel

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