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Zhejiang food is represented by Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shaoxing styles. Dishes of Hangzhou style are meticulously prepared, hence tasty and crisp. The Zhi Wei Guan Restaurant at the crossroads of Fujian Road and Nanjing Road, and the Xihu(West Lake) Restaurant on Sichuan Road(North) are noted restaurants of this style, serving famous dishes such as West Lake-style fish in vinegar and sweet sauce, deep-fried fish meat balls, shrimp meat with "Dragon Well" tea and braised pork in Dongpo style. A blend of freshness and saltiness characterise dishes of Ningbo style. Chefs of this style,

particular about freshness, tenderness, softness and smoothness of the food, are at home in steaming and roasting seafood. Delicacies like the big yellow croaker with preserved Chinese cabbage, braised skinned fish, sea eel braised in casserole and fried peanuts with liver moss can be found in the Ningbo Restaurant on Pingliang Road. Shaoxing food, with poultry as its main specialty, is palatable, crisp and glutinous. The tender white chicken is a delicacy of the Xiao Shao Xing Chicken Porridge Restaurant on Ningbo Road. A choice hen is killed and stewed right on the spot. The chicken meat, which turns creamy white when ready, is palatable and tender.
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