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Nanxiang Small Dumplings

Local refreshments and snacks in Shanghai are too many to be counted. Available in Shanghai are not only refreshments and snacks characteristic of the areas south of the Yangtse River but also those found in different localities in north and south China and also in Western countries. Popular breakfast snacks like Chinese pancakes, deep-fried twisted dough, glutinous rice ball, soya bean milk,etc. can be found almost in all the streets and lanes of the city. While snacks bars selling tasty but inexpensive snacks such as Wontong soup, steamed stuffed dumplings,

steamed bread with meat filling and noodles of various kinds, are a common sight. Besides, during traditional Chinese festivals, snack bars provides special refreshments such as the New Year glutinous rice cakes for the Spring Festival, glutinous green dumplings for the Qingming Festival, fermented glutinous rice for the Beginning of Summer, Zhongzhi( pyramid-shaped dumplings made of glutinous rice wrapped in reed leaves) for the Dragon Boat Festival, moon cakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Double Ninth cakes for the Double Ninth Festival and sweet dumplings made of glutinous rice flour for "Yuan Xiao", the lantern Festival. They are all favored by the people. Besides, different refreshments are served in different seasons: fried spring rolls and oysters marinated in wine for spring, cold drinks and cold noodles for summer, dumplings stuffed with minced crab meat and pork, and sweet potatoes scented with osmanthus flowers for autumn and New Year glutinous rice cakes with braised pork chops and noodles in mutton gravy for winter.

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