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Located in the temperate basin of Yangtse River dotted by rivers and lakes, Shanghai abounds in local produce. Shanghai food features vegetable and sea food dishes with stew-in-brown-soy-bean and stir-fry-in-vegetable-oil as the main cooking method. The earliest Shanghai food used to be distinguished by its thick stock, heavy sauce, moderate taste and natural flavor. In recent years, through exchange of skills among various cuisine restaurants, and the setting up of a "technical center" designed to improve the colour, smell,

flavor, and appearance of Shanghai food so as to better cater to the palate of the people in Shanghai and from other parts of the country as well as overeas visitors. The present Shanghai-style food has taken form. What is now known as the Shanghai cuisine actually combines the characteristics of all kinds of local cuisine in the areas south of the Yangtse River.

The Old Town Restaurant in the city's God Temple area serves practically all the major traditional Shanghai dishes, but mainly specializes in cooking sea food dishes, ranging from fish, shrimp, crab to eel, as well as vegetables in season. The restaurant is where the famous eight-jewery stuffed duck first started. Other famous dishes include pig's viscera braised in brewer's rice, stewed catfish in brown sauce, eight-delicacy chili paste, spiced salt chop, etc. Stewed sea cucumber with shrimp's roe served by the Dexing House is considered to be another delicacy.

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