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Sichuan-style dishes are noted for varied and heavy flavoring. Restaurants of this style are good at choosing the right flavors--- hot, sour, pungent, sweet, bitter, salty and fragrant, seven in all, and applying eight seasonings---pepper sauce, pepper with vinegar, pepper with fish seasoning, chili jam with pungent wild peppercorn, cayenne pepper with wild peppercorn, black pepper with peanut and sesame paste, peppercorn with sesame oil and chili oil. The Sichuan Restaurant on Nanjing Road serves dishes distinctive of Sichuan style, such as Hechuan-style sliced pork, chicken cubes with peanuts and chili, "guifei" chicken and so on. A rarity---"clubbed chicken" is offered by the Chengdu Restaurant on Huaihai Road. The name derives from the fact that the chef uses a club to pound the chicken and tears the meat into floss and then mix them with eight seasonings, like sesame paste,chili oil,etc. The chicken, when served, tastes hot but a little sweet.Other dishes strong in Sichuan style are the crisp chicken served in the Mei Long Zheng Restaurant on Nanjing Road(West) and Luyang-style crisp chicken and Luyang-style beancurd found in the Lu Yang Cun Restaurant on Nanjing Road(West).

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