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The restaurant of Jiangsu style in Shanghai can be classified into those of the Suzhou-Wuxi style, the Zhenjiang-Yangzhou style and local Shanghai style.

The feature of Suzhou-style dishes is their natural flavor in original stock and a mixture of salty and sweet taste. The Dongfeng Hotel-Restaurant on Shanghai's Bund, the Renming Restaurant on Nanjing Road(West), the Huaihai Restaurant on Xizang Road and the Da Hong Yun Restaurant on Fuzhou Road have, on their menus, boat-shaped fried duck, braised pork in preserved bean-curd sauce, fried rolls stuffed with yellow croacker, minced shrimp meat, stewed bean-curd with shrimp and ginger sauce, five-spiced chicken drumstick and so on. What caps all is the sizzling rice with shrimps. When the scalding tomato sauce with tender shrimps is poured over the deep-fried, golden-colored crisp rice crust, a dish, delicious in its own way, is ready to serve. Wuxi's Floating Boat Restaurant on the Taihu Lake is skilled in cooking fish of every kind. Most restaurants of Wuxi style in Shanghai are named Lao Zheng Xing.

The feature of Zhenjiang-Yangzhou-style food is best described by the saying that the soup is so crystal clear that you can see the bottom of the bowl and the sauce is so thick that it turns creamy white.

The celebrated Yangzhou Restaurant of Huaiyang style serves, among its best-known dishes, boiled dry beau-curd slices, lion's head-shaped crab meat balls, butterfly-shaped sea cucumber and silver carp in the shape of lotus flower.

Other restaurants like the Lao Ban Zhai Restaurant on Hankou Road also serves dishes of traditional Yangzhou style.

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