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Guangdong food features a great variety of refined ingredients and quick frying. Dishes cooked in this way are fresh, tender, refreshing and smooth. The chefs try to adapt dishes to the varying seasons, laying stress on lighter flavor in summer and heavier in winter. The Sun Ya Restaurant on Nanjing(East) Road, a restaurant typical of Guangdong style, offers among other specialities, smoked pomfret, sweet and sour pork, deep-fried egg jelly wrapped in wheat flour and steamed pomfret with scallion and oil. The Xing Hua Lou Restaurant on Fuzhou Road is specialized in cooking snake dishes in addition to braised chicken with scallion and oil and steamed soup in a wax gourd. This restaurant also supplies world-famous Guangdong-style moon cakes during the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. The Meixin Restaurant on Shaan Xi Road(South) includes in its menu such famous dishes as roast piglet, assorted soup in a wax gourd, steamed mandarine fish stuffed with ham.

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