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Beijing food , based on imperial court cuisine and Shandong cuisine, has enjoyed an age-old reputation. The main methods of cooking employed are deep-frying, sauteing, stir-fry and roasting.

The Yan Yun Lou Restaurant on Nanjing Road, the Fengze Chamber of the Park Hotel and the Dahua Hotel serve Beijing roast duck renowned for its scented crisp skin, which is so crisp that once taken in the mouth it breaks. The Kaifu Restaurant on Sichuan Road(North) and the Tianjing Restaurant on Huaihai Road provide stir-fried sliced pig's stripe and chicken's gizzard, sauteed fish slices with brewer's rice, stir-fried pork fillet in brown sauce and sauteed Chinese cabbage.

Shanghai has more than a dozen Moslem restaurants, which cook an astonishing variety of dishes with just mutton and beef. The Hong Chang Xing Restaurant on Yangan Road(East) is famed for its instant boiled mutton(Mongolian hot pot) served in winter.

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