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The City Emblem

The real estate was one of the most active industries in old Shanghai, it was also the area that the foreign merchants investing mostly. The illustration shows the memorial photo of Changfeng Real Estate Company having the participation of American Capitals. In the front row, the 5th from the right is Zhang Xiaolin, the 3rd from the right is Du Yuesheng.-- (541X379 pixel)

In 1923, Hongkong & Shanghai Bank constructed the most exquisite building-Hongkong & Shanghai Building. The illustration shows the bronze lion outside the new building. -- (539X420 pixel)

The hired Indian police in the public settlement.-- (397X299 pixel)

The illustration shows the street sweeper in 1930s, undoubtedly they were the lowest level of outcoming immigrants.-- (542X354 pixel)

The pedlar of writing letters for the people in the lane. -- (271X340 pixel)

The group photo of the personages of Shanghai women's circle in 1930s. In the middle of the front row is Madame Song Mei Ling. -- (540X400 pixel)

The group photo of Lu Xun and Shanghai young men in 1930s. -- จก(539X367 pixel)

Ruan Lingyu was born in Xian Shan. Guangdong, Shen was a famous leading movie star in 1930s. The illustration shows the group photo of Ruan Lingyu and other movie stars Hu Die etc. -- (356X236 pixel)

Pan Yuliang-her ancestral home was Zhenjiang. IN 1920s she studied in France, Italy etc., after graduation, taught in Shanghai Arts Polytechnical School. The illustration shows the group photo of Pan Yuliang and personages of cultural and educational circle in 1930s. -- (370X313 pixel)

The 6th National Game was held in Shanghai in 1935. The illustration shows the closing ceremony was held in Jiangwan Stadium. -- (541X379 pixel)

The group photo of the dentists in Shanghai in 1948. -- (540X259 pixel)

The illustration shows the staffs of Shanghai Gas Company gave a send-off party to the foreign staffs leaving the posts in 1949. -- (539X188 pixel)

In the National Day of 1959, huge crowds of parading procession in the People's Square. -- (541X399 pixel)

The workers overcame the technical hard problem at the end of 1950s. -- (338X281 pixel)

The orchestra constituted by the temporarily jobless female workers in 1990s. -- (536X319 pixel)

The staffs of a foreign enterprise in Pudong in 1990s. -- (355X253 pixel)

The stream of people along Nanjing Road in 1990s. -- (540X455 pixel)



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