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The residents of Lao Cheng Xiang at the end of Qing Dynasty -- (540X348 pixel)

Early in the Qing Dynasty, Shanghai became the hub of sea transportation in the south and north of China. The merchant Ship Guild Hall was built in 1715, it's a place of boat bosses of different cliques offering sacrifices to the Gods and making friendly contacts with the same trade. -- (355X307 pixel)

The countryman outside Chengxian at the end of Qing Dynasty. -- (540X463 pixel)

The illustration shows the 360 professions of old Shanghai by the form of cigarette brands. It reflected different layers of Shanghai social life in the modern times.

On one side was the foreign adventurer floating over the ocean and crossing over the sea, on another side was the feudal bodyguard defending the territory of the country. Under the drive of mutual benefits, finally formed the situation of "Chinese and foreigner combining in one". The illustration shows the group photo of Chinese and foreign officials at the end of Qing Dynasty. -- (541X430 pixel)

The group photo of foreigners in Shanghai at dinner. -- (539X428 pixel)

Denmark Dabei Telegram Company was the earliest company opening the telecommunication business in Shanghai. The illustration showers the scene that Chinese and foreign staffs working together. -- (541X394 pixel)

The foreigners living in Shanghai put on their Chinese and foreign staffs working together. -- (355X268 pixel)

The newspaper and journal handled by many foreigners also wanted to invite the Chinese participating in the editorial work. The illustration shows the editorial department of Da Lu Daily in 1919. -- (538X468 pixel)

Yu Qia Qing was born in Zhenhai, Zhejiang. He arrived in Shanghai as an apprentice at 15 years old, and was the Chairman of Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce at 57 years old. The illustration shows Yu Qia Qing with his family members.-- (538X487 pixel)

In the modern times, most of the Chinese-foreign groceries were set up by Cantonese merchants. The illustration shows the grocery in Fuming Road, shot in 1920s. -- (486X632 pixel)

Sincere Company was opened in 1917 by a Cantonese Australian Overseas Chinese Ma Yingbiao. The illustration shows the staffs of Shanghai Branch during the 25 years anniversary of Sincere Company. -- (341X291 pixel)

Da Xin Company was opened in 1930s by Cai Chang of Zhong Shan, Guangdong. The illustration shows the group photo of Cai Chang with his colleagues in 1936. -- (340X399 pixel) -- (341X291 pixel)

The group photo of Shanghai British Jew Tycoon Hardoon with Dr. Sun Yat Sen in "Ai Li Garden" in 1912. -- (541X456 pixel)

On December, 1933, the students studied in France, Belgium and Swiss and part of the postgraduates of domestic French school organized the Sino-France Union. The illustration shows the scene of get-together and dinner party of the establishment conference. -- (357X337 pixel)



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