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Farce Opera Troupe of Shanghai
Tel: 64375384

Huai Opera Troupe of Shanghai
Address: 50-155 Long, Weihai Lu, Shanghai
Tel: 63279393

Hu Opera Theatre of Shanghai
Address: 333 Shimen Yilu, Shanghai
Tel: 62562678

Kun Opera Troupe of Shanghai
Address: 9 Shaoxing Lu, Shanghai
Tel: 64331935

Shanghai Ballet---The company was founded in 1979 and is based in Shanghai. Since its founding, it has staged many world famous classical works. The company has also been working with foreign counterparts in bettering the art as well as performances.
Address: 1674 Hongqiao Lu, Shanghai
Tel: 62759516

Shanghai Film Orchestra---Set up in 1956, the Shanghai Film Orchestra is one of the most prominent in China. It has more than 80 musicians and 1 60-strong orchestra for playing Chinese traditional music. It has played the background music for more than 1,000 films.
Address: 595 Caoxi Beilu, Xujiahui, Shanghai
Tel: 64387100

Shanghai Peking Opera Theatre --- Established in 1955, the theatre's first director was well-known performer Zhou Xinfang. One of the most influential troupes of its kind in the country, it used to include such famous performers as Li Yuru, Yan Huizhu and Tong Zhiling. It has staged the modern Peking opera "Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy", which was extremely popular all over the nation during the "cultural revolution"(1966-1976). "Pheonix out of Fire", "The Snowfall in June" and " Emperor Cao Cao and Scholar Yangxu" are some of the titles it often stages.
Address: 168 Anyang Lu, Shanghai
Tel: 64330895

Shanghai People's Art Theatre--- Established in 1950, the Shanghai People's Art Theatre is one of the few prestigious modern drama companies in China. The theatre, with nearly 200 performers, directors and other staff members, is also noted for incorporating both traditional and modern drama concepts in its performances.
Address: 284 Anfu Lu, Shanghai
Tel: 64330069

Shanghai Opera and Dance Theatre---This theatre, based in Shanghai, was originally founded in 1956 as the Shanghai Opera Theatre. It has a dance troupe, an opera troupe, a Western orchestra, and a stage prop and design group, with more than 300 singers, dancers and instrumentalists.
Address: 10, 100 Nong,Changshu Lu, Shanghai
Tel: 64335359

Shanghai Orchestra of Chinese Traditional Music---Since its establishment in 1957, the Shanghai Orchestra of Chinese Traditional Music has collected and developed traditional Chinese music, especially folk pieces popular in south China. It makes use of the techniques of traditional string and woodwind instruments and has created its own elegant way of playing.
Address: 336 Xinhua Lu, Shanghai
Tel: 62520784

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra---As the oldest professional Western orchestra in Chiona, the Shanghai Symphony started as the Shanghai Municipal Public Band in 1879, and was made up entirely by foreign musicians. The orchestra, with more than 100 musicians, has played a wide range of Western and Chinese works and toured many countries worldwide.
Tel: 64374685

Shanghai Youth Drama Theatre---Originally founded as the Experimental Drama Troupe affiliated with the Shanghai Drama Academy in 1957, this company adopted its current name in 1963. The theatre has staged many famous Chinese and foreign plays. It also has cooperated with foreign directors and artists in the performance of modern Western drama.
Address: 201 Anfu Lu, Shanghai
Tel: 64314886

Shaoxing Opera Theatre of Shanghai
Address: 16-10 Long, Fuxing Xilu,Shanghai
Tel: 64375919

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