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Cloth Baby Shoes

Feet of babies are too soft and delicate to be damaged by chemical fibers. Neither can they cope with even slightly atrocious circumstances. Feet of babies must be most carefully looked after and only handcrafted shoes made from 100% cotton are safe and cozy enough to care the growth of baby's feet.

A natural growth of anything will do best. Feet of babies are very soft, and could be easily bruised by hand outside materials and soles of the shoes. Thus shoes for babies must be made from soft materials; feet of babies are growing fast, the shoes then must be of great retractile; babies are vividly alive and shoes for them must be light and ventilate; feet of babies are subject to coldness and dampness, so shoes for babies must be able to keep them warm and ventilate alike.

The cloth shoes for babies are designed in differentiated styles and rigidity according to different ages and seasons. The cloth shoes for babies are carefully handcrafted, with surface, sole and interlayer made of 100% cotton. According to different seasons, the cloth shoes for babies have four patterns, namely cloth sandals:

Furthermore, the cloth baby shoes have personalized patterns such as 1-month shoes, twelve-animal shoes, dragon shoes and phoenix shoes.

  • Joined-sole shoes: suitable for babies aged 1-3 months;
  • Soft-sole shoes: suitable for babies aged 4-7 months;
  • Interlayer-sole shoes: suitable for babies aged 8 month to 1 year;
  • Shoes with close-stitched soles: suitable for babies more than 1 year;

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