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Width: from 5cm to 200cm
Budget Sleeping Bag
Cement Bags
Chairs for Camping or Hiking:
COMO Chairs
Folding Camping Table
Folding Camping Stool
Folding Chair
Portable Folding Camping Wardrobe
Ritec Table
Fishing Rod & Tackle
Fishing Smoker Set
Glass Fibre
HDPE or PP Sand Bags
Size: 62cm X 48cm
Lifting Belt of Container Bags
Nylon Hammock with Wooden Spreader
PE Bags
Thickness: 0.008mm-0.1mm
PE Canopy
PE Film
Width: 5cm-200cm
PE Shopping Bags
PE Tarpaulins
Width: 1.8m-5.4m
Plastic Curtain
Plastic Drums
Plastic Rope
Plastic Sheets:
Modified PP Laminated Sheets
PE Neutron Shielding Sheets
PVC Extruding Sheets
PVC Laminated Sheets
PVC Sheets of Plastic Absorption
PVC Sheets of Water Disposal
PVC Transparent Sheets
Various PE Sheets
Plastic Slippers
Plastic Table Cloth
Portable Bags
PP Container Woven Bags
Load: 0.5mt-5mt
PP Container Cloth
PP Mesh Bags
Size: 50cmx80cm
PP Woolpacks
PP Woven Bags
Width: 40cm-70cm
PP Woven Cloth
Width: 40cm-70cm
PVC Wall Paper
PVC Woven Tube
Tents for Hiking
Size: 2mX 2m X1.2m and many other dimensions
Country-Hiking 3-Person Solar Dome
Country-Hiking 3-Person Dome Tent
Nylon Hiking Tent for 2 or 3 Persons
2-Person Dome Tent
Tunnel Tent

We can also manufacture plastic products with supplied materials or samples from customers.



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