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Ring Spinning Frame FA506, FA506.66


Model FA506 Ring Spining Frames are suitable for spining of cotton or polyester/cotton on man-made fibre below 65mm, and their blends to produce weaving or knitting yarns. The machine has good performance of spinning, easy operation and convenient maintenance due to its highly automation, reliable running.

Features of the machine body

  • Narrow machine width can makes the space utilized effectively.
  • Sturdy machine frame, the less distance between the centres of two middle frame sides (840mm), smooth high speed running, and less vibration.
  • Reasonable cross section parameters favour the twist transfer and yarn tension control. This can result in low end breakage to get the best quality yarn.
  • High-speed and low noise spindle enables high speed spinning.
  • SKF, INA and Rieter drafting systems can also be fitted on the machine besides Chinese drafting system.
  • Magnetic front roller clearer can be provided.
  • The electrical doffer for option.

Compact and Reliable Headstock

  • A timing belt at the input end of the driving shaft makes low noise level possible.
  • The tooth figure of the change gears for matching different twist, draft ratios and winding are of optimized design so that the change gears are optimized design so that the change gears are interchangable and easy to manage.
  • The bowl position of the lifting cam can be adjusted to adapt to changing ring rall's short lifting stroke.
  • The lifting system is balanced by tandem torque rods with reliable structure.
  • The application of a central lubrication system to the transmission systems enables periodic oiling.

Unique Tailstock Structure

  • Main driving adopts double-speed motor, which starts at a low speed then switches to a high speed automatically after a preset time. The use of inverter for motor control can also be choosen by users.
  • Tough flat transmission belt with good electrictly saving effect.
  • Electromagnet brake for main shaft.
  • Tigh sealing and locking elements ensures the whole machine's sealing function.

Advanced electric control system

  • Intensive automatio with a PLC to monitor varioius motions in spinning process.
  • Multi-purpose digital display unit shows the spinning parameters and control functions. And non-account management system also can be provided, if user need.


Counts of yarn spun 96-5.8 Tex
No. of Spindles 420,348,384,396,408,432,456,480
Spindle gauge (mm) 70 (FA506) 66.675(FA506.66)
Lifting (mm) 205 180,165,155 180,165,155,145
Ring Diameter (mm) 45 42,38 42,38,35
Spindle speed (rpm) 12000-15000 12000-19000 12000-19000
Drafts 10-55
Twist Z(or S)
Turns rang (t/m) 300-1600
bottom roller diameter (mm) 25*25*25 or 27*25*27
Roving Package (mm) 152*406 (6 ranks ) or 128*320 (4 ranks)
Broken-end collection system Flute type suction device. Each frame has an independent suction motor. Underground collective exhausting.
Motors Main motor less than 420 spindles 13/7KW, 4/6 Poles.
more than 432 spindles 17/9 KW, 4/6 Poles.
Suction motor More than 420 spindles 2.2KW 2880rpm
Less than 408 spindles 1.5KW, 2880rpm.
Lifting motor 180W, 1400rpm
Lubrication motor 60W, 2800rpm
Overall (mm) L*W*H L {[(No.of spindles/2)-1]*Spindle gauge + 2380} *W900*H2180
(The length of 420 spindles is 17010 mm)
Weight Abt. 6 tons (420 spindles)



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