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LGJ Automatic Continuous Impregnating Machine


LGJ Automatic Continuous Impregnating Machine is a type of isolation treatment equipment for windings of stator and rotor of small electric motor.

In this equipment all operations excepting load and unload are completed under continual rotation of workpiece. Thickness of varnish coating on the surface of workpiece is uniform. Because of continual rotation of workpiece influence of temperatare difference in the furnace has been decreased run off varnish from im-pregnated workpiece has also been decreased. Therefore quality of workpiece is better and more stable.
  • This equipment consist of work piece conveying system, workpiece rotation driving system varnish tank rising and lowering system varnish circalation system exhausting system and electric control system.
  • In this equipment there are breakdown visuali-zation and alarm system.
  • Operation load and unload shall be done on the both side of the equipment, namely at the same time two workpieces will be loaded and two workpieces will be unloaded. It is productivity is high.

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