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Necessary Accessories:
Our company uses international quality accessories for the power supply we make for computers.
High-efficient, energy-saving, compact, large power, without noise.
Power supply for computer for home, commerce, office, and teaching use as well as the use of monitor in public security system.

We produce high-quality switch feeding transformers, linearity filter, various transformers from audio-frequency to high-frequency and pulse transformers.
Stability in performance, able to make it small, able to do high-density assembly, low loss, large power.
Power supply and filter for electronic ballast, program control communications, fax machine, calculator, computer and displays.

Necessary accessories:
The accessories on electronic ballast and illuminator of our company have the same quality as those in overseas market.
High-efficient, energy-saving, brighter, longevity, exquisite appearance.
Illuminations for home or public areas such as hotels, dancing halls, commerce and office building and factories.


Main electronic material: ferrite
The company is equipped with the most outstanding Mn-Zn magnetic material, the quality of which is equal to that in overseas products. It is the best choice for new-type transformer and filter used in the field of medium and high frequency.
High magnetic conduction rate, high magnetic flux, limited temperature raise, low loss.
Switch feeding transformer, choke, pulse transformer, carrier communications filter.

Electromagnetic Wire

Main supplementary electronic materials: electromagnetic wire
We have the excellent electromagnetic wire material with the certification of UL. Its temperature-resistance and breakdown-resistance characteristics make it the best choice for various kinds of electronic products.
Excellent temperature and breakdown-resistance and high frequency-resistance, strong strength of machinery.
Coil wire for all kinds of machines, electric appliance, instruments and communication appliances.

Main supplementary electronic material: tape
With the certification of UL, we have high quality flame-retardant types -- the material for various electronic products.
Heat-resistance, breakdown-resistance, strong cohesive force.
Insulating material for various kinds of coil and electronic transformer.


Main supplementary electronic material: flame-retardant PBT bobbin
The flame-retardant bobbin is made of excellent PBT which has received certification by UL.
Heat-resistance, breakdown-resistance, strong strength of machinery.
It is extensively used in electronic transformer and other electric appliances.

Flam-retardant PBT bobbin

Packaging material:
We adopt a three-layer package to guarantee the customer against loss.
Moisture proof, break proof, small volume, light weight.
Packaging for high-value and high standard electronic products.

Packaging material

O-linearity filter

UF-linearity filter

ET-linearity filter

E-linearity filter

Linearity filter
Noise suppression, limited temperature raise, material certified by UL.
Electronic ballast, computer displays, television, videocorder, fax machine, duplicator, printing system, game machine, calculator etc.

  1. Ambient temperature: operating: -10oC --- 60oC; non-operating: -40oC --- +100oC.
  2. Voltage-resistance: 2KV A.C. no damage within 1 min. (1--2times).
  3. Insulation: 500 D.C. above 100M (1-2times).
  4. Temperature raise under 40oC.
  5. Normal voltage 270V (max) (50/60HZ).

EFD-Power supply transformer

O-Power supply transformer

EE-Power supply transformer

Power supply transformer

  1. The design reaches all UL security demands.
  2. Adopt low-wastage, high-density magnetic material, limited temperature raise.
Power supply transformer for electronic ballast, computer display, television, videocorder, fax machine, duplicator, printing system, game machine, calculator.
  1. Fit for 15 -- 50KHZ.
  2. Voltage-resistance: 2KV A.C. no damage within 1 min. (1-2times).
  3. Insulation: 500V D.C. 100M Min.
  4. Ambient temperature: non-operation: -40oC --+100oC; operating: -10oC -- +100oC.

BOX-Choke induction coil

O-Choke induction coil

ROD-Choke induction coil

Choke induction coil

  1. Use high-density and low wastage magnetic material.
  2. Adopt flame-retardant material certified by UL.
  3. Low sound of buzz resulted from vibration.
Television, ballast, computer, audio-frequency equipment, videocorder, printing machine, duplicator, etc.
  1. Ambient temperature: operating: -10oC -- 60oC; non-operating: -40oC -- +75oC..
  2. Voltage-resistance: 1KV A.C. 1MA, 1 min. (between coil and core).
  3. Insulation: 500V D.C. 500M Min. (between coil and core).
  4. Temperature raise: 40oC max.

EE-Linearity filter

Various kinds of power supply transformer

EP-tape controlled transformer

Transformers and filters of all kinds

  1. We offer any type and volume as requested ranging from audio-frequency to high-frequency.
  2. Less leakage of magnetism, adopting flame-retardant material certified by UL.
Illumination, home use computer, program, program control communications, mobile phone, large-power battery charger.
  1. Ambient temperature: operating: -10oC -- 60oC; non-operating: -40oC -- +70oC..
  2. Voltage-resistance: 2KV A.C. no damage (1MA, 1 min).
  3. Insulation: 500V D.C. 500M Min.
  4. Heat-resistance (as requested).

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