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Electrical products


Low-voltage electric apparatus
Electrical materials
Steam turbines
Various kind of transformets, reactors & automatic voltage regulators
Welding machines
Test pencils
Electric soldering iron

Low-voltage electric apparatus
AC contactor
Auxiliary contactor
Electromagnetic starter
Magnetic starter
Time relay
Overload relay
Intermadiate relay
Electronic digital relay
DC relay
Air circuit breaker
Change-over switch
Cam starter
Combined switches
Limiting switch
Transistor proximity switch
Fuse-type switch
Pressure switch
Mini circuit breaker
Earth leakage circuit breaker
Molded case circuit breakers
Universal circuit breaker
Low voltage H.R.C. fuse
Fuses for the protection of semiconfuctor devices
Insertion-type fuse
Spiral fuse
Fully-insulated switch fuse set
Machine tool's electric apparatuses
Distribution board/bow
Other electrical accessories
Electrical materials
Hard mica plate
Flexible mica plate
Ferrimagnet material
Mishima cobalt magnet steel
Other insulating materials
Bare conductors
Rubber/plastic conductors
Steel-core stranded aluminium wires
Magnetic wires
Power cables
Control cables
Communication cables
AC motors
Fractional-horsepower motor
Oil pump motor
Specialized motor
Electromagnetic adjustable-speed motor
Steam turbines
Building-block type multi-stage industrial steam turbine
Single-stage industrial steam turbine
Industrial kiln waste-heat boiler
Chain grate boiler
Fluidized-bed boiler
High-temperature hot water boiler
Oil fired boiler
Various kind of transformets, reactors & automatic voltage regulators
Welding machines
AC arc welding machine
DC arc welding machine
Rectified arc welder
Spot welder
Seam welder
Butt welder
AC. & DC. automatic submerged arc welder
Diesel-driven DC. arc welding sets
Air plasma arc cutting machine
Carbon dioxide arc welding machine
Tungsten pulse argon arc welder
Welding electrodes
Test pencils
Electric soldering iron

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