Changzhou Jiangnan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Our Company is a professional manufacturer and exporter of fasteners such as steel, stainless steel and brass woodscrews, steel and stainless steel machine screws, steel self tapping screws, chipboard screws, twinthread screws, bolts, nuts and nails. Diameter of screws from 2.2mm to 6.3mm and length from 6.5mm to 100mm. We can also supply fasteners in blister card.

We produce and export nail-making machines which can product nails diameter from 0.6 to 4.5mm and length from 9mm to 100mm. We supply machines which can produce screws which diameter from 2.2mm to 6.3mm and length from 6.5mm to 100mm. We also supply complete sets such as tumbling machine, drawing machine and tools and dies for making screws and nails.

Newly exploited copper-coated solid welding wire CHS49-1, CHS50-6 and CHMO8A can be used for welding structures of low carbon steel and low alloy steel, such as boilers, pressure vessels in chemical works and power station, bridges and ships etc. Diamerter of wire from 0.8 to 5.0 mm. Their standards are corresponding to standards as following table:

ER49-1 ER50-6 HO8A HO8MnA H10Mn2 H10MnSi
AWS ER7OS-6 EL12 EM12 EH14 EM13K

Automatic Screw Thread-Rolling Machine

Our Co. was founded in 1972 and covers an area of 20000M2, of which building area about 10000M2. Our products have been successfully exported to different countries and regions including U.S.A. , European countries, Hong Kong, South America, Southeast Asia and Middle East.

Adhering to the principle of "Credibility Paramount, Quality First", we sincerely welcome your Co. as our trade partner for mutual benefits and development.

If you need fasteners or other products, please contact us.

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