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Residential Structures

  • Former Residence of Huang Xing

    Located at 393 Wukang Road, the former residence of Huang Xing was built in 1912 and it is named after Huang Xing who once lived here till his death. The plan of the building is made up of a rectangle and a right-angled triangle. The part of the rectangle shape was built in 1912 under the British countryside style with a half-timbered structure and a steep sloping roof. But the part of the right-angled triangle isn't likely to be built before 1930 for it features the style of Art Deco with the elevation stressing the interwoven of horizontal lines and vertical lines. What's more, the puce facing tiles are decorated by light-colored horizontal and vertical lines and relief sculptures of Art Deco style. The stair railings inside also are typical works of Art Deco style.

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