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  • Huaihai Apartment House

    Located at 1,202 Middle Huaihai Road, Huaihai Apartment House was built in 1935 and originally known as L.S.Gascogne Apartments. The construction is must distinctive with its central part standing out and the both sides declining gradually. The outer walls are surfaced with yellow facing tiles except the white parapets of each floor, which matches well with the three protuberant white vertical lines in the central front. The 13-storey building is 53 meters high and it is of reinforced concrete structure. An awning projects out of the entrance of the first floor where there is a hall, a reception room and other rooms for different uses. The 2nd floor to the 13th floor is for residence. The building is topped with a flat roof on which there is a concreted awning. Concaved verandas are set in the south elevation and corridors are protruding from the north elevation. The building is one of the few high-grade apartments in Shanghai.

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