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Religious Structures

  • Confucian Temple

    Located at 183 South Dajie Street in Chengxiang Town of Jiading District, the Confucian Temple was built in 1219 (the 12th year under reign of Jia Ding of the Southern Song Dynasty). It was the largest temple in the region south of Yangtze River for people to commemorate Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher and educationist, and now it is the site of Jiading Museum. Inside the temple are Lingxin Gate, Dacheng Gate, Dacheng Hall, Minlun Hall and Danghu Study. Beside the Danghu Study there is a stele corridor, which is decorated with the stone inscriptions of writings and paintings of Huang Tingjian, Shen Zhou, Wen Zhenming and Dong Qichang.

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