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  • Huayan Pagoda

    Located in Songyin Temple in Songyin Town of Jinshan District, Huayan Pagoda, which is also called Songyin Pagoda, is the only ancient pagoda in the region south of Pujiang River. In 1380 (the 13th year under reign of Hong Wu of the Ming Dynasty), a monk named Deran wrote 81 volumes of "Huayan Sutra" to collect money for the pagoda, which was set up four years later. The 32-meter-high square-shaped pagoda built under the style of the construction of the Tang Dynasty is of brick and wood structure with seven floors. It is named Huayan Pagoda for the top of the pagoda has 81 volumes of Huayan Sutra. The pagoda was reconstructed in 1775 (the 40th year under reign of Qian Long of the Qing Dynasty) and in 1847 (the 27th year under reign of Dao Guang of the Qing Dynasty), but it was struck by thunderbolt in 1961 and the top leaned. The government appropriated funds for the pagoda and the reconstruction was initiated in the January and finished in December in 1999.

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