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  • Xilin Pagoda

    To the east of Xita Lane, Middle Zhongshan Road in Songjiang County, stands a 40 meters high octagonal pagoda of brick and wood structure, which was formerly called Chong'en Pagoda and Yuanying Pagoda. The 7-storey pagoda is widely known as Xilin Pagoda for Xilin Temple lies beside. It was erected in the period under reign of Xian Chun of the Southern Song Dynasty (1265-1274) and was reconstructed in 1387 (the 20th year under reign of Hong Wu of the Ming Dynasty), 1613 (the 41st year under reign of Wan Li of the Ming Dynasty), 1793 (the 58th year under reign of Qian Long of the Qing Dynasty) and 1840 (the 20th year under reign of Dao Guang of the Qing Dynasty respectively. This elegant and exquisite pagoda is decorated with delicate brick statues of Buddha.

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