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Religious Structures

  • Huzhu Pagoda (the Leaning Pagoda)

    Huzhu Pagoda, which is an octagonal construction standing on the middle peak of the Tianma Mountain in Songjiang District, was built of brick and wood structure in 1079(the 2nd year under reign of Yuan Feng in the Northern Song Dynasty). It is also called Baoguang (precious light) Pagoda for the she li (Buddhist relics) pearl stored in the pagoda gave lights occasionally according to the legend. It is recorded that a fire caused by the firecrackers burned for the Buddhist ceremony damaged the wood structure in 1788 (the 53rd year under reign of Qian Long of the Qing Dynasty) and the pagoda leaned since then. It is now leaning toward southeast at an angle of 6b53', which is 1b23' more in obliquity than the world famous leaning tower Pisa of Italy.

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