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Former residences of prominent figures

  • Private Villa of Li Hongzhang (Clove Garden)

    The private villa of Li Hongzhang is situated in Dingxiang (clove) Garden which is a traditional Chinese garden of European style built by Li Hongzhang, a minister and once a commissioner to Jiangsu province in the late Qing Dynasty who advocated Westernization movement, for his concubine named Dingxiang. Designed by a famous American designer, the two buildings were set up under American style of late the 19th century. One (now Building 1) was a residence for Dingxiang and the other (now Building 3) was used as a bibliotheca (Building 2 was erected late 50¡¯s in the 20th century). The two buildings enjoy the similarities in the outer appearances and inner structures. Building 1 is of brick and wood structure under British style with the lower floor occupied by dining room, living room, kitchen, repository and servants¡¯ rooms and the second floor taken up by bedroom, study, and reception room. Building 3 is his library that is rich in books and antiques. After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, the rare books were sold through an old bookstore and the remains were contributed by Li Guochao (Li Hongzhang¡¯s grandson) to the library of Zhendan University and given to Fudan University after liberation. The south of Dingxiang Garden is a small garden centered about a lake which is occupied in the middle by a lake called Phoenix Pavilion for the octagonal top is decorated by a phoenix-shaped ornamentation.

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