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  • The Luo's Yiyuan Garden

    The Luo's Yiyuan Garden is one of the famous private gardens of the Ming Dynasty standing to the west of Xiunan Bridge in Songjiang Town. Built at the end of the Ming Dynasty, it was a private garden of the Zhaos and named Yinjiao Garden with an area of 5 mus. when the Zhaos were down, it was sold to the Luos and renamed the Luo's Garden, which was sold to Xuwei, head of Guian County in Zhejiang and renamed Yiyuan Garden. Yiyuan Garden was named the Gao's Garden when it was the property of the Gaos in the period of the Republic of China (1912-1949). The small garden covers only 2 mus today for many constructions were damaged after ages without being repaired and reconstructed. In the south of the garden stand palace-like pavilions and stages that are typical constructions of the Ming Dynasty. The stage is of great value.

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