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  • Qinci Yang Dian (Imperial Admiring Hall)

    Located at the crossing of Zhangyang Road and Yuanshen Road in Qinyang Town of Pudong District, Qinci Yang Dian is one of the oldest Taoist temples in Shanghai. It was formerly known as Jinshiniang Hall and Dongyue Xing Gong ("Xing Gong" means the imperial palace for short stay away from the capital.) and renamed Qinci Yang Dian after reconstruction in 1770 (the 35th year under reign of Qian Long of the Qing Dynasty). It was built by Sun Quan (the emperor of Wu in the Three Kingdoms Period) for his mother according to the legend. It is said that it was set up in the Tang Dynasty for there are words " built under the supervision of Qin Shubao" seen on the girder. Inside there were more than 10 halls such as Qingguang Hall, Sanguan Hall and the Palace of Hell and so on in addition to figures of Buddha and Bodhisattva made of carved clay and modeled wood. Unluckily most of them were damaged in the Great Cultural Revolution. It was reconstructed since 1982. Now there is a pailou (decorated archway) with a double decked rolling eave stands grandly in front of the gate and a gold horizontal board inscribed by Aixinjueluo Yuchan hangs under the eave of the main shrine. It is crowded with pilgrims at the birthday of Dongyue Emperor (the 28th March of the lunar calendar) and other Taoist festivals.

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