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Ancient Constructions

  • Songyin Temple

    Songyin Temple was built in 1352 and formerly named as Songyin Nunnery, in front of which Yanhua Pagoda was set up in 1380 (the 13th year under reign of Hong Wu of the Ming Dynasty). The nunnery was rebuilt in 1447 (the 12th year under reign of Zheng Tong of the Ming Dynasty) and renamed Songyin Temple. The temple was reconstructed in the period of the Republic of China (1912-1949) and in April 1991, Zhao Puchu, chairman of National Buddhism Association, inscribed the title of the temple. The temple has been open to the tourists since then. The Grand Hall was reconstructed in 1996 and a depositary of Buddhist texts with an area of 650 square meters was built in 2000.

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