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Ancient Constructions

  • Qijiadun Ancient Culture Site

    The site was found in 1935 in Qijiadun Village of Jinshan District in the northeast of Hangzhou Bay and was unearthed in February 1962 and May 1964. It turned out to be that the upper floor is of the Western Han culture while the lower floor is of the culture of the Warring States period. In the unearthed cultural relics of the 4 ash pits, 2 ancient wells and 8 tombs, there are pottery and glazed pottery pieces and cooking utensils such as ding, li, fu and zeng and food vessels such as wan, bei, dou and pan, as well as containers such as tan, guan, pan, bo and he. In addition, there were some pottery pieces, bronze mirrors, "Wu Zhu" (five Zhu) coins, ironware articles and stone implements of the Western Han Dynasty unearthed.

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