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Ancient Constructions

  • Wuxing Temple

    Located in Waigang Town of Jiading District, Wuxing Temple was built in 511 A.D. (the 10th year in the period of Tian Jian of Liang of the Southern Dynasty) with a covering of more than 10 mus. In addition to two compounds--Congfu Compound in the east and Yongde Compound in the west, there were more than 100 constructions such as Grand Hall, Wenchang Pavilion and Dabei Pavilion standing in the middle that were all torn down during the Great Cultural Revolution. In 1994 the gate of the temple and the Hall of the Heavenly Kings were reconstructed on the cost of 1,000,000 RMB collected. The temple has been open to tourists since May 1995.

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